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High quality factory and aftermarket Sig Sauer accessories take your accuracy and shooting performances to the next level. They allow you to customize your firearm to your needs or to keep it in like-new, factory condition even after you’ve shot thousands of rounds. For an accurate grip that conforms to your hand, shop our full line of black polymer gun grips, grip panels, grip module assemblies, and grip screws that come straight from the Sig Sauer factory. Shooters can get a grip on slim, compact and regular styles. The P250 grip module enables shooters to customize the pistol to their grip size. Our selection of Sig Sauer accessories includes factory caliber exchange kits for the compact, sub-compact, and full-size P250s. It’s also convenient to order factory-made and aftermarket Sig 556 rifle accessories from Top Gun Supply, such as a sight set, tactical modified charging handle, handguard rail mounting kit, or handguard.

In addition to an extensive selection of Sig Sauer magazines, we stock factory magazine base plates, magazine inserts and magazine connectors. Our SigPro accessories range from the fire control units to paddle holsters. We stock the Sig Sauer barrels and the barrel thread protectors. As an authorized Sig Sauer dealer, we sell the Sig handgun, parts, tools and accessories to meet every owner’s needs. Check our accessory descriptions to determine if a product will work with your Sig Sauer handgun or rifle or contact us for more information. And if you need knowledge to go with your parts and accessory purchase, order an armorer’s course on dvd.