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Gun Magazine Adapters

Increase your round capacities with gun magazine adapters. You can easily adapt full-size pistol magazines for use in 1911 and Sig Sauer compact pistols, to add to your ammunition capabilities. Try a gun magazine adapter that converts full-size Smith & Wesson M&P magazines to fit the M&P compact pistol, increasing round capacity for the 9mm, .40S&W and .357SIG. With some adapters, there’s no assembly required. Order a factory magazine adapter for Sig Sauer P220, 10-round magazines. The adapter fits securely over factory magazines to fill the opening between base pad and grip. Also find those magazine accessories to keep your shooting and loading convenient, including magazine carriers and magazine speed loaders.

Sturdy Magazine Extenders Fit Securely

Long-wearing magazine extenders constructed of resilient polymer fit over full-size magazines. These extenders fill the gap between the bottom of the gun and the base of the full-size magazine. For example, with the spacer in place, shooters with G17/G22 magazines can experience the expanded capacity of G26/27 magazines. We have magazine grip extenders that can slip over single stack, 10-round or double-stacked magazines. Some magazine extenders can be easily secured with a screw, while others snap into place without tools.

Magazine Converters Increase Capacity, Easily

Now owners can quickly adapt larger capacity magazines to smaller guns with magazine converters. We stock 1911 magazine converters that when slipped down over the magazine tube will enhance ammo capacity and also extend the gun grips slightly. Some converters work with a specific type of magazine, so check product descriptions to find the correct one. Gun use with the converter is comfortable, because it eliminates the gap between gun and magazine base. Rely on sturdy materials and simple conversion systems with our magazine converters.