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Ritchie Gun Holsters

Beautifully crafted Ritchie Gun Holsters are highly serviceable accessories. The Ritchie Leather Company relies on its experienced craftsmen to create stable, reliable and comfortable products. All Ritchie fine leather gun holsters are wet molded and hand boned to conform to individual handgun specifications. Maximum concealability is the goal of our Ritchie gun holsters, whether they are designed for the pocket, ITW or OTW carry. Smooth leather on the body side of the gun holster equals wearable retention. Choose from a versatile selection of close-hugging, fast-drawing and adjustable-fit Ritchie holsters for firearms. Check availability now for these top-notch leather goods.

Ritchie Leather Holsters are Hand-Crafted for Your Comfort

Exclusive, yet affordable, Ritchie Leather Holsters are created from inspired designs. Ritchie leather gun holsters are products that receive diligent oversight during the crafting process. The Ritchie Leather Co. makes ankle, quick release and stakeout holsters for concealed carry by civilians and professionals. There are belt and pocket scabbards for a wide variety of handgun makes and models. Find individually formed leather holsters for Springfield Armory, Sig Sauer, Kahr, and other popular handguns here.

Premium leather Ritchie gun concealment holsters ride closer to the body for discreet carry, as their flat backs prevent unwanted pressure. These concealment holsters function at a higher level. An inside-the-pants clip holster from Ritchie Leather provides ease of attachment and removal. A close-quarter, quick release holster supplies a drag-free back and snap loops for a low profile. A secure ankle holster features optimal padding and adjustability. Top Gun Supply stocks OTW Ritchie gun concealment holsters with open top designs that give shooters rapid access to their lighter weight firearms.