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Shooting Ear and Eye Protection Products

Professional Products Designed to Protect Your Vision and Hearing

You deserve shooting eye and ear protection designed to work for you! We have the shooting ear and eye protection products that help guard your sight and hearing in tactical applications. Protect your hearing from the negative effects of shooting sounds. Get ear muffs with supple leather cups and a comfortable seal. Depend on amplification features that increase normal hearing capabilities eight times over. Order from manufacturers who have designed gun eye and ear protection to be versatile and wearable. Take advantage of innovative lens materials and electronic technology carried by champion shooters. If gun safety is your commitment, take care of your priceless sight and hearing.

Shooting Eye Protection that Meets Professional Standards

Ergonomic shooting eye protection is yours in clear or lightly tinted lenses of high-impact polycarbonate. A protective covering that meets professional standards needs to be in front of your eye, before you ever fire or load. Our metal framed sports glasses also cut down on annoying UV glare. Wear gun shooting glasses over your eyes or contact lenses and still benefit from an expansive vision field. Eye protection is always recommended and is required by all shooting clubs. You’re participating in an activity where the side effects could be gases, lead particles and flying shells. Arrive prepared and be safe with the right gun eye protection.

Gun Ear Protection with Progressive Technology

Guns are loud. You need shooting hearing protection so those gunshots don’t end up damaging your hearing or making you jerk and miss. Our products rank at the forefront of today’s gun hearing protection in electronic and non-electronic choices. Your progressive options include advanced digital surface mount circuitry that amplifies weak sounds and blocks the harmful ones. Our collection of gun ear muffs provides convenient, fold-up portability and the ultimate in shooter comfort and ear protection.