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Gun Hearing Protection

When it comes to gun hearing protection, trust us to offer cutting edge choices that truly protect. We carry the latest in high-tech electronic hearing protectors, as well as non-electronic options where noise reduction and comfort are key features. With one set of electronic protectors, you can tone down loud, damaging noises to a safe level while also amplifying the weaker sounds you need to hear. With these advanced protectors, a higher quality of sound transmission can make your shooting hours more safe and enjoyable. Also purchase hearing protectors that allow shooters to adjust the volume separately for each ear. Just as you take care of your ears with gun hearing protection, you can also help safeguard your sight with shooting glasses.

Shooting Ear Muffs with Advanced Amplification

Choose shooting ear muffs that can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. Easy-folding shooting ear muffs make storage and transport to shooting locations a breeze. Hunters might want to listen up, because we supply electronic hearing protection built to assist the avid hunter with multiplied amplification above natural hearing levels. Non-electronic muffs lead to reduced noise levels, so hearing benefits. No matter what your shooting budget, we have some muffs to work for you. Unique designs and reliable materials come together in protectors with comfortable hearing cups and a variety of popular features. Whether you choose the top-of-the-line muffs or a more basic pair, our leading edge suppliers have got your ears well covered. When gathering your safety gear, including ear muffs, remember a Bore Snake can also come in handy for a quick bore cleaning!