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Bulgarian Makarovs Have Hit Our Shores

With a cult-like following, the Makarov Pistol has again made an appearance in the mil-surp import arena. Brought in from Bulgaria by PW Arms, these Bulgarian Makarovs are scattered about to a few of the larger dealers and can now be attained again, albeit at a price higher than 10-15 years ago. But, even at the current pricing, you get a great value relative to other guns for sale in the same price range. Considering the condition and utility of these Makarov pistols, they are a good buy. Ten years from now, we will look back, wishing we could find them for this price again. We always do! What makes the Makarov such a beloved pistol for self defense and collectors? First, the history of them. They were the issued sidearm of the Soviets starting in the early 1950s. Next, being of Russian design, they work! and work well! With a total of 27 parts and a simplistic design, they are highly accurate and extremely reliable. The "blow-back" design with the barrel pressed into the frame, there are no lock up issues. Simply, the gun shoots where it is pointed. Field stripping is an easily accomplished task. Always clear the weapon first, then pull the trigger guard down, and now take the slide back and up until it disengages from the rails. The recoil spring twists right off and the firing pin can be removed by moving the safety lever up past the safe position, and then removed from the slide. Remove the grip and you are ready to clean and lube your pistol. A few important notes:
  • Shoot ONLY 9x18 Makarov from these pistols. I don't care how close it is to .380 or 9mm variants, be safe and only shoot the 9mm Makarov.
  • The firing pin is a non-springed, floating pin. It is important to keep the pin and channel clean. A pipe cleaner or Q-Tip will do the job. This is very important if you get a gun packed in cosmoline grease. Before you shoot it, make sure the firing pin is free. You should be able to hear it move fore and aft.
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Sig Sauer P320

With the Sig Sauer P320 firmly planted into the marketplace, it is proving to be a huge success! Law enforcement agencies all over the world are choosing this platform to replace their current sidearms. In addition to law enforcement, the P320 is making a big play in the competition arena. The Sig Sauer Shooting Team, headed up by Bruce Gray and team captain, Max Michel, are using the P320 exclusively as their competitive firearms, and doing very well!

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