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Century International Arms

Arsenal Russian AK-47 Sling - OD GREEN

An original Russian AK-47 sling from Arsenal. All original, unissued and all of the markings. OD green color.


BlackHawk Shot Shell Shotgun Sling - BLACK

BlackHawk Shot Shell Shotgun sling easily attaches to your shotgun with strong spring hooks providing excellent stability. Two inch wide, high strength nylon with secure shell holders. Will accomodate 15 additional shotgun shells. Completely adjustable and can be used by left handed or right handed shooters.


BlackHawk Universal Tactical Sling - BLACK

If you are looking for a simple, low cost sling, the BlackHawk Universal Tactical Sling may be for you. Manufactured from 1.25 inch nylon webbing, this universal two point sling will fit most long guns. Completely adjustable!


BlackHawk Universal Three Point Sling - BLACK

Completely adjustable and ambidextrous, this Blackhawk Rifle Sling easily attaches to many different front sling attach mounts including the standard A-2 stock and even the callapsible butt stocks. Made from strong, box stitched 1.25 inch nylon with a unique buckle allowing for quick and easy adjustment of your gun sling.

Century International Arms

Arsenal Bulgarian AK-47 Sling - BLACK

An original black Bulgarian AK-47 sling from Arsenal. Made from a durable woven material with a metal clip for securing to your rifle.


BlackHawk CQD Sling - BLACK

The BlackHawk CQD Tactical Rifle Sling is a well-made, higher end sling designed by SEAL Trainer Duane Dieter. Manufactured from 1.25 inch T-13 nylon with covers and heavy duty elastic for fast minor adjustments when needed. Features metal snap hooks that will easily attach to many sling mounts. Can be used as a two point or single point mount.


BlackHawk Storm Single Point Sling - BLACK

Heavy duty BlackHawk 1.25 inch single point elliptical bungee sling provides excellent stability and support. Features a MASH Clip for a single point attach point. Adjustable from 46 inches - 64 inches to provide the size you need. The high strength side buckle allows you to release your weapon quickly. Black box stitched nylon will hold up for many years!

Blue Force Gear VICKERS Combat Sling - BLACK

The renown Vickers Combat Rifle Sling boasts an instant length adustment feature. Just pull the tab, even while moving. The multi-capability design allows for many different, ambidextrous carry and shooting positions while also having the ability to utilize a variety of sling mounts. We believe you will find the Vickers Gun Sling to be a superior product!

Blue Force Gear Victory Series Single Point Sling - BLACK

The Blue Force Victory Series Single Point Rifle Sling features an attachment tab that allows users to attach to a variety of carbine sling plates (I.E. Burnsed LoopTM) or any other attachment device that will accept 1.25" webbing. Made in the U.S.A. and backed by the manufacturers lifetime warranty.

Blue Force Gear Victory Series Two Point Sling - BLACK

The Blue Force Victory Series Two Point Carbine Sling features lower cost, but still made from high quality materials. This gun sling provides the same functionality as the more expensive Combat Slings. Will fit any rifle with with side sling swivels. Made in the U.S.A. and backed by the manufacturers lifetime warranty.

Magpul Industries

Magpul MS3 Multi-Mission Sling

The Magpul MS3 Multi-Mission Sling was designed to give the user a multitude of retention options based on the mission or application. The MS3 allows the user to exploit the maneuverability of a one point sling, or the stability of a two point sling. Single hand adjustments and quick release make this a very versatile and user friendly platform.

Magpul Industries

Magpul MS4 Dual QD Sling - BLK

The Magpul MS4 Dual QD Sling features the same ability as the MS3 to switch between a one point and a two point sling, but features two heavy-duty push-button QD sling swivels rather than the Magpul Paraclip. This allows for capatability with QD sling cups commonly found on lower receivers, receiver end plates, buttstocks, and many low-profile forward QD Sling mounts, including the Magpul RSA-QD.

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Rifle Slings

Be in complete control with rifle slings in a variety of price ranges and materials to fit your budget and rifle. Form meets function with rifle slings constructed of quality materials, such as bonded nylon. Some even have lifetime warranties! Try an elliptical bungee sling with single point attachment for stability and support, as well as size adjustment and quick release features. We have the rifle slings featuring ambidextrous carry and the flexibility to fit over body armor. Order a sling enhanced by comfort padding, exceptional stitching and, adjustment versatility. Also get original Russian AK-47 style slings with long-lasting fabrics and secure metal clips.

Shotgun Slings to Go the Distance

Will you be hiking on a hunt? Our shotgun slings help you go the distance. The sling keeps the shotgun out of the way until needed, with less bounce and greater control. We sell shotgun slings made for conventional use or a myriad of carry positions. The positioning of your shotgun will be more stable, yet adaptable to your needs, with a shotgun sling. Get slings that stay in place and serve your gun for years! Before heading to the field, pack important accessories such as slings, spare magazines and shooting safety glasses.

Sturdy Tactical Slings Adjust on the Move

Order slings that are practical and tactical. For those wanting elite tactical slings, we have the higher end ones for tactical rifles. A well-made tactical sling gives you heavy duty workmanship and the ability to make faster adjustments. Metal snap hooks attach to quick release sling mounts, available on our site. You can find a combat rifle sling with a convenient pull tab that’s ready for simple adjustments, even on the move. Unique designs support various carry and shooting positions, and you can order a sling with single or multi-point adaptability.