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A quick note that thank you and the Top Gun Supply team for an outstanding product, value and service. I recently purchased a 40 S&W conversion barrel for my Sig Sauer and the entire transaction from order to the time I received was flawless. Your excellent communication keep me informed throughout the process which was very much appreciated. I have passed on your website info to several of my friends and the gun club I belong to will be featuring your website address in next month’s news letter. Top Gun Supply is truly a world class on-line gun supply company with and great list of guns and accessories at great prices and super service. I’m looking forward to my next purchase with your company. Thanks again to you and the entire Top Gun Supply Team!!!


Bore Snake, Handgun - .22 Caliber
Bore Snake, Handgun - .40, .41 Caliber
Bore Snake, Handgun - .44, .45 Caliber
Bore Snake, Rifle - .30 Caliber

Bore Snakes

A Gun Bore Snake Provides Instant Shine

Snake your firearm spotless with bore snakes for rifles, pistols and revolvers. We carry the bore snake brand that is touted as the fastest bore cleaner method on the market. The bore snakes are a single unit creating a three-step shine. In just one pass, particles are brushed out, residue is scrubbed off, and a sensational swab adds the final touch. Brush and swab in one pass with our bore snakes that provide a cleaning surface that’s effectively larger than a regular patch. Bore snakes are perfect gun cleaning tools for various calibers of handguns and rifles. And when the gun’s clean but the bore snake’s dirty, you can wash it for the next go-around. Since it’s a dirty job, let a better bore snake do it.

Gun Bore Cleaners Get Rid of Gunk

If you want a gun that’s good and clean, we sell the gun bore cleaners to get the residue off and the shooting on. Use a bore snake on your M-16, AR-15, .22, .223 and the list goes on. Use on the .22 caliber rimfire and centerfire. Also swab that .30 caliber rifle and most any handgun made. Start with a bore light to help you safety inspect your bore for fouling and cuts before cleaning. Then, achieve a more thorough cleaning with the right gun bore cleaner. Gear up with jags that promote deeper cleaning, pre-cut patches, reliable brushes, and the famous bore snakes to tackle the toughest gun cleaning tasks. After a gun’s gunk-free, remember to add a few drops of gun lubricant before storing your firearm for an extended period.

Top Gun Supply - Your Source for Bore Snakes

Need help choosing the right bore snake for your gun? Not to worry - The experts at are here to help. Whether you're looking for gun magazines, gun storage items, or other shooting supplies, we have what you need at competitive prices with the best service in the industry.