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Wolff Gunsprings makes parts with precision workmanship. This gun parts manufacturer with decades of experience specializes in springs. And as a major parts supplier, we stock this reputable maker’s hammer springs, recoil springs, and guide rod/spring packs. Every Wolff spring consists of a proprietary material that produces an exclusive part. With better materials and proven processes, a quality spring powers effective operations. We carry Wolff gunsprings for specific Sig Sauer, Springfield XD and Makarov models. A recoil spring package gives Springfield XD owners Wolff’s steel guide rods and springs. These maximum performance parts replace a factory recoil system. Wolff also makes Sig recoil springs with load ratings that help personalize recoil to shooter requirements.

Wolff Recoil Springs to Restore Proper Functioning

Restore pistol functions with reliable Wolff recoil springs. Sig Sauer owners can order a recoil spring that meets factory specifications. With replacement springs built to factory requirements, proper firearms functioning returns. Changing out weak springs with well-built Wolff recoil springs improves a handgun’s overall operation. We have recoil springs available for Makarov models that coincide with the gun maker’s factory standards.

Wolff Hammer Springs for Conventional Factory Fits

The dependable Wolff hammer springs for Sig Sauer models come in Reduced Power, Factory Standard, and Extra Power versions. We stock the factory standards for most models, including the Sig P225, P226, P228 and P229. Wolff hammer springs are also available for Sigs that have the plastic hammer spring base with a short hammer spring. Though hammer spring power adjustments individualize shooting, users should be aware that these Sig parts may affect responses in critical situations.