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Gun Barrels for Sale

Your Source for Name-Brand Pistol and Conversion Barrels On Sale

At Top Gun Supply, we sell gun barrels manufactured according to the most stringent standards. Take a look at our range of factory and aftermarket gun barrels to find the best one for your firearm. Rely on our safety-designed training barrels for practice situations. We are committed to bringing you barrels with uncompromising quality. This includes our role as a distributor of Bar-Sto barrels which are used by the U.S. Marine Corps and Army Marksman Units. Pistol tournament winners all throughout the world, from the Steel Challenge to the Masters, have relied on Bar-Sto barrels.

Pistol Barrels Forged for Precision

Depend on greater product durability. See our selection of pistol barrels from the industry’s foremost suppliers. Experience the accuracy and longevity of our factory replacement pistol barrels. The Sig Sauer barrels are hammer forged for precision and heat-treated for sturdiness. Remember, we are your preferred provider of barrels for the Glock, Sig Sauer, and 1911 pistols. Find semi-drop-in replacement barrels with fully supported chambers that demand little to no fitting. There’s no need to send your pistol off to a master gunsmith for an extended wait. Try a match-grade pistol barrel that gives you a superior lock-up on the Colt and Springfield pistols.

Gun Conversion Barrels Expand Caliber Capabilities

Easily perform firearm conversions with conversion barrels from respected makers. Convert your gun with a factory conversion barrel to obtain two calibers in one model. Expand gun capabilities, such as shooting 9 mm ammunition from your pistol, by installing barrels that require no additional modifications. You can gain caliber conversion on a variety of firearm models by purchasing drop-in fit or semi-drop-in gun barrels.

Find the Right Firearm Barrels for Your Needs

Need help choosing the right gun barrel for your weapon? Not to worry. The Top Gun Supply team is ready to help you with all of your gun parts needs. Just contact us today! Gunsmith fitting may be required.