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Find Leather Gun Holsters Online for Serious Shooters

Rigorous testing makes our gun holsters the preferred choice of dedicated shooters in both the private and public sectors. Look to the leaders in the development of gun holsters such as Blade-Tech and Don Hume. Blade Tech offers both competition and concealment holsters known for stability and retention. We also have gun holsters that are approved by the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). Whether you are shopping for injection molded tactical gun holsters or a leather pistol holster, you’ve arrived at the place to order the best holster for your gun, activities, and body.

Find Gun and Pistol Holsters Chosen by Professional Shooters

Higher quality pistol holsters are critical accessories for safety, comfort and accuracy. So Top Gun carries the same brands used by law enforcement, government agencies, competitive shooters and the military. We offer dual purpose pistol holsters by milt sparks holsters with interchangeable belt loops that resist shifting during strenuous activities. Take a look at a paddle gun holster with push button release for a natural draw. Advanced materials like polymer combine with smart designs for dependability. Try a contoured-fit paddle holster for pistols, with an integrated magazine pouch.

Wear a Leather Gun Holster from a World Famous Maker

For the smaller pistol, consider a leather gun holster that can be used by either hand. A leather pocket holster is ideal for the concealed handgun carrier. If you want to wear a 1911 in comfort, shop for an outer waistband leather holster with a slide guard that prevents irritation. Don Hume is a prized creator of leather gun holsters featuring high riding, canted, outside the waistband designs. This legendary gun holster manufacturer has decades of experience in leather products for concealed carry. Enhance your draw with the perfect holsters and leather gun belts.