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Scopecoat EOTech Neoprene Sight Protector for 511/551

Scopecoat EOTech Neoprene Sight Protector for 511/551

Protective Neoprene cover installs easily and removes quickly. Protect your expensive optic when not in use.


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Eotech Scopes

Ultra rugged Eotech Scopes stand up to the elements as they deliver outstanding advantages in speed and accuracy. Eotech makes optical products for sports, hunting, tactical situations, and military demands. The company’s holographic weapon sight (HWS) delivers advanced technology. You’ll find firearms scopes that share specific advantages, including: a large field of view, night vision compatibility, both eyes open operation, instant access switches, aluminum hood assemblies, tool-free mounting, submersible capabilities, and compact sizing. Law enforcement and SWAT teams want EOTech on their side in close quarters. EOTech scopes free users from some critical sighting issues, such as blind spots and other vision restrictions. The Eotech HWS units designed for special operations and military missions meet stringent guidelines for reliability. Battle-proven models perform admirably on high-powered platforms. In conditions from rain to extreme heat, Eotech keeps you focused on the target area. Depending on the rifle scope you choose, we sell sight tools that can make installations easier.

Fast and Reliable Eotech Sights for a Clear Field of View

Best-selling Eotech Sights give users digital electronics for the correct level of brightness in a range of conditions, from sunlight to low light. Holographic weapon sights by EOTech have reticles that are designed to support faster target acquisition. The optical surfaces of the firearms’ sights offer anti-reflective coatings to eliminate glare, and their display windows are shatterproof. Those wanting a lighter, smaller sight can still experience performance with an Eotech HWS that holds a single battery. Rail space is opened up for additional mounting options, yet sighting remains rapid. Eotech sights are diligently tested under harsh conditions so every model is ready for sighting in any environment. Also find the latest technology in tactical lights on our pages.