Tactical Knives

Our high caliber tactical knives are engineered for performance by top knife makers. This is serious gear that could be your partner in self defense or self preservation. So we carry tactical cutting tools with corrosion-resistant steel blades that are specially treated to stand up to challenging environments and maintain their sharp edges longer. Choose from a range of blade thicknesses, knife weights and handle materials in our outstanding collection of tactical knives. Our inventory of to-grade tactical knives include leading brands, such as:

  • 5.11
  • Emerson
  • Hogue
  • KBAR
  • Kershaw
  • SOG
  • Spyderco
  • There are partially serrated or smooth-edge blades in a variety of lengths. All of these duty knives for tactical maneuvers share the traits of strength, toughness and durable workmanship. In addition to knives, our equipment selection includes scope mounts and tactical gun parts.

    Military Knives are Field-Ready Cutting Tools

    Control is in the palm of the hand with rugged, well-built military knives. These combat-proven knives are made to last in demanding field conditions. They serve as utility tools or back-up defenders. Our folding military knives are constructed with patented technology for rapidly smooth opening systems and secure safety locks. Advanced ergonomics minimizes hand fatigue while enhancing comfort. Special knife designs improve grip stability. When rapid action is required, blade access is critical. The best military knives deploy quickly with sharp precision.

    Strong Survival Knives Take on the Wild

    Depend on survival knives for cutting strength in extreme conditions. The right knife is vital survival gear. Our knives from dependable manufacturers give you cutting tools to take on the wild. Quality construction, advanced features, and ease of operation are built into our survival knives. Shop our knives for survivalists that come with the bulk and features you want in your gear. Use your knife for survival techniques that help you to prepare a campsite, fish, hunt or clear a trail.