Specialty SOG Knives are made for law enforcement and military carry. They fit the hands of every type of adventurer and are staples in industrial settings. Advanced design technology ensures that users can open SOG folding knives smoothly and ambidextrously. SOG knives supply rapid blade access and secure lock-ups. User-friendly features include quick-release piston locks, lower profile clips for discreet carry, and durable, comfort handles. The specially treated SOG knife blades offer enhanced edge-holding capabilities and increased service durability. Our full line of essential sports and survival accessories also includes gun grips and magazine adapters.

SOG Tactical Knives Feature Stability and Innovation

When decisive operation is needed in critical scenarios, SOG Tactical Knives deliver. Inventive extras like a movable thumb stud allow for improved handling. Tough Bowie style blades offer proven strength. Models with the SOG spring-assisted system let operators open the blade with one quick movement. There are revolutionary elements to best-selling SOG tactical knives, such as grooved handles that will cut cord, without the blade being open. There are also handles with checkering for increased grip stability. In the tactical knife arena, SOG ranks as an industry innovator.

SOG Pocket Knives Lock Up Securely and Release Smoothly

Serrated and straight edge SOG Pocket Knives are rugged gear for outdoor enthusiasts. These multipurpose pocket knives lock the blade securely, and then release it easily. Features like safety closures and coated blades make SOG pocket knives the ones to carry when you need to be prepared. Order your choice of SOG knife after reviewing our impressive selection. Check out the various blade lengths, overall lengths, knife weights and materials in our SOG product descriptions. You’re sure to find the SOG folding pocket knife for your requirements.