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The Right Gun Sight Improves Your Accuracy and Tactical Precision

Hit the mark with gun sights, whether you own a 1911, semi-automatic, 9 mm pistol, or AR15. Three-dot night sight sets illuminate aim in reduced light situations with USPs. You can sight over a suppressor with extra-height night sights. Sight companies consider pistol designs in creating products. Get a tactical gun sight combo that’s machine cut for improved conformance with the slide to reveal the complete radius. If you carry a gun for defense, high quality sights are a necessity. Shop for materials like solid steel, or search out fiber optics for daytime sighting. You’ve come to the clear choice for gun sights.

A Variety of Tactical Sights for Low or Bright Light

Get on target quickly, in a variety of lighting scenarios, with tactical sights. Order rear and front rifle sights that attach easily. Choose a durable, flip-up, adjustable front gun sight that mounts on a top rail. We carry range adjustable rear sights for the AK-47 and post front sights that fit most versions of this rifle. With a holographic sight, you shoot with both eyes open and no blind spots! These tactical gun sights utilize advanced digital electronics, allowing sure shots in low light and super bright conditions. Also find the state-of-the-art in our gun scopes.

Powerful Laser Gun Sights Deliver Precision Placement

The right laser gun sight can make a major difference in shot placement. We offer tritium sights that help you align your shotgun for illuminated target location in low light, yet also give you perspective on daylight hunting. Laser sights provide precise and rapid acquisition of the deer or bird in a range of light. For a sight that works on several guns, consider a red dot sight that shares a lightweight, advanced advantage with 11 daytime settings for rifles and shotguns. Sights are a critical category in our collection of shooting supplies.