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Trijicon Night Sights deliver brilliant solutions in aiming. These sights are self-luminous and have been proven to multiply shooters night fire accuracy. With Trijicon night sights, shooters can achieve speeds similar to those found with intuitive shooting. The company prides itself on producing night sights that excel in the areas of reliability and shock resistance. An exclusive, patented design features the strength of a metal body and the padded protection of rubber. Lamps are capped to protect them from solvents and punctures and to bring balanced light distribution. The sight lamps also are encased within aluminum cylinders for another layer of protection. Then they’re mounted on cushions so they can last through shock or recoil. Equip your Glock or Sig with a Trijicon night sight set of similar or contrasting colors, or order self-illuminated gun sights especially made for 1911s.

Tritium Night Sights Enhance Firing Accuracy

Trust Tritium Night Sights tailored to your gun manufacturer. Each three-dot sight is made to fit specific handgun makes and models. No batteries required! The lamps come with a warranty that promises they will perform brilliantly for more than a decade. Pressurized tritium gas fills the lamps so they glow bright green at night. With Trijicon, a large dot to the front lets you see a more distinct shooting view in any light. Trijicon tritium night sights are dependable accessories in all light conditions. They’re made for shooters seeking exceptional illumination and accuracy. Since they work well in close quarters, tritium night sights are the choice of military, home defenders and law enforcement. Feel free to contact us prior to ordering should you have any questions about our sights or high-tech gun scopes.