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Equip your pistols with magazines made by a historic name in American firearms, Springfield Armory. Factory Springfield XD Magazines of stainless steel stand strong and last long. These are high-capacity magazines manufactured to the exact factory specifications so you can tap into the maximum firepower capabilities of your XD, XDS or XDM pistol. At Top Gun Supply, we carry both factory mags and the high-tech, aftermarket magazines for the Springfield pistols. The advanced, flush fit magazines by Mec-Gar feature an anti-friction coating and additional firing capacities. We stock a variety of factory Springfield XD magazines, including those for 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. When ordering your mags, consider reducing your range loading times dramatically with an original Springfield Armory XD magazine speed loader.

Springfield XDM Magazines Deliver a Command Performance

Gain smoother shooting, courtesy of genuine manufacturer-built magazines! Springfield XDM Magazines are a superior quality, nickel plated accessory made especially to streamline the performance of your tactical Springfield pistol. The XDM pistol unites elevated ergonomics, intuitive operation and superior handling for a higher level of precision manufacturing. So don’t you want a magazine that’s built to make the most of your pistol’s progressive abilities? Make sure the power is ready and waiting at your command, with the rounds feeding efficiently into the chamber. Quality materials and construction are evident in every facet of the Springfield XDM magazines – the steel springs, follower, body and base. Within our extensive selection of handguns for sale, be sure to review our springfield armory guns, so you can continue to add to your collection.