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Blade Tech Holsters

Blade Tech Holsters are gun accessories designed with the input of expert shooters. Leading technology meets dedicated craftsmanship with holsters for Glock, H&K, Sig Sauer, Springfield XD, and 1911s. Blade Tech holsters are lightweight, yet sturdy, abrasion resistant, and waterproof. They are custom-molded for a match to specific guns, supporting rapid presentation. The comfortable Kydex holsters can survive extreme conditions. Buy a belt holster with an adjustable cant for your Glock. Or attain the ultimate concealment with a belt-loop holster for inside the waistband 1911 placement. Blade Tech also excels at the competitive, adjustable belt holster. The company’s holsters carry the weapons of law enforcement, government, Special Ops, and civilians. The popular Sting Ray belt attachment by Blade Tech features added width, enhanced stability and close body positioning. Discover how the right accessories, including holsters and gun grips, enhance shooting experiences.

Kydex Holsters Carry the Ultimate Advantages

When it’s time for duty, concealment, or competition Kydex holsters hold their shape! The thermoplastic properties of Kydex are molded to customized specifications so you order a holster made for your gun. Kydex materials mean no holster shrinkage or contraction, so there’s easier re-holstering in a variety of environments. The holsters keep their form in frigid cold or desert heat. Blade Tech conducts tough testing on its Kydex holsters with the help of law enforcement, military and other shooters. We stock an extensive selection of IDPA-approved, inside-the-waist-band, and ultimate concealment holsters. They are categorized by handgun, so you make the perfect purchase. Adjust your Kydex concealment holster from straight drop to FBI cant or muzzle forward with a screwdriver. Or interchange holster belt loops for the desired carry. You’ll gain innovation and reliability from our leading suppliers of gun holsters.