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Gun Snap Caps

A-Zoom Snap Caps Protect Your Gun's Firing Pin

Gun snap caps are more than dummy cartridges that help you protect your firing pin from the shock of dry fires. They can help you learn to load quickly in a range of conditions. Use them to build your loading confidence as a competitive shooter. Our 9 MM metal snap caps are precision, CNC machined from solid aluminum to match live rounds. When compared to a basic plastic snap cap, metal gun snap caps last considerably longer. A non-corrosive, hard anodized finish contributes to smooth functioning and a long cycling life. An especially durable “dead cap” withstands thousands of dry fires and still protects the firing pin. Perfect your trigger pull with metal gun snap caps too. Chamber a snap cap and practice your aim and trigger control. Snap caps are useful accessories available at a low price. When purchasing your pistol targets, add some snap caps in multi-packs to the order.

Snap Caps Step up Safety and Skill

Elevate safety and skills with snap caps. The super tough aluminum handles like actual ammunition but without the risk. If you want to enhance loading techniques and perform function tests, snap caps are at your service. Extend the life of your firing pin. Dry fire your firearm repeatedly and no damage will be done! If you want to release tension on the hammer springs prior to gun storage, the proper snap caps will do the trick. Buy snap caps in the correct caliber for your guns, and place in the chamber when you need them for training, storing preparations, or function assessment.