Emerson Knives

The extreme sharpness of Emerson Knives is battle proven. These made in the U.S.A. cutting tools come with a distinguished reputation for expertly crafted designs and robust strength. Emerson knives can be found at the sides of elite military and law enforcement units. They are preferred by adventurers who face brutal conditions. An Emerson knife shares reliable handling during a range of routine tasks or field duties. The Emerson Commander knife has been honored by the cutlery industry for its unique features, reliable materials and razor sharp capabilities. Emerson continues to advance its products with innovation that professionals and sportspeople require. Remember, we’re your online superstore for gun tools, accessories and parts from industry leaders.

Face Critical Situations with Emerson Tactical Knives

Dependably rugged Emerson tactical knives are built to survive rigorous trials. They are made for lengthy and dedicated service. The Commander knife by Emerson has a patented, wave-shaped opening feature. This allows the tactical folder knife to be drawn and opened with one hand during critical situations. Specialized ergonomics and other progressive elements have made the Commander standard issue in some military units. Top-rated Emerson tactical knives are recognized for their exceptional functionality and workmanship.

Special Ops and Sportsmen Rely on Emerson Knives for Sale

Our Emerson knives for sale support those in the line of duty or on the road to adventure. Owners turn to their Emerson knives for tactical defense situations, emergencies or daily cutting tasks. Emerson knives for sale can equip a variety of discriminating users. They are necessities for special operations teams, as well as hunters. A knife for sale from Top Gun Supply can make the ideal gift.