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Sig Sauer Safety Lock - SIGPRO/P227/P220/226/229-9/239/ SS

Sig Sauer Safety Lock - SIGPRO/P227/P220/226/229-9/239/ SS

Sig Sauer factory Safety Lock for P227, P220, P226, P229 9mm, SP2009 9mm, SP2340 .40/357 and P239 models with stainless steel slides. Not for use with carbon steel stamped slide versions.


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Sig Sauer Safety Locks

Genuine Sig Sauer Safety Locks are a critical element in the reliable safety systems developed by this gun manufacturer. The safety lock plays an integral role in safe action by blocking the firing pin. When the trigger is activated, the safety lever pushes the safety lock up and the firing pin is released. To experience precise firing, each Sig part must be functioning properly. Practice safety first when accessing the proper working of your unloaded firearm’s mechanical parts. At Top Gun Supply, we carry the factory Sig Sauer Safety Locks for many P Series models that have the carbon or stainless steel slides. You can also find a safety lock for P229s in .40S&W or .357SIG. If you see a gun part on our site, you can be assured it is in stock and ready to order. So you can confidently restore and repair your Sig Sauer with internal factory parts purchased from an authorized dealer.

Order Sig Sauer Safety Springs from an Authorized Parts Provider

We’re your “spring” headquarters with Sig Sauer safety springs, recoil springs, slide catch lever springs, and other routinely replaced parts. Check the Sig factory’s replacement parts schedule, based on rounds fired, to learn when your safety springs need to be changed. You may want to be proactive and order frequently replaced springs before they’re needed. Sig Sauer safety springs work in conjunction with safety locks to ensure safer shooting. To go beyond field stripping, you may need specialized tools for simpler procedures. To know more about the inner workings of your gun before replacing safety springs, watch an armorer DVDs specific to Sigs. Then, you’ll be better prepared for repairs and customizations with our great deals on original factory parts!