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Sig Sauer Safety Lever - P225/226/228/229/239

Sig Sauer Safety Lever - P225/226/228/229/239

Sig Sauer factory Safety Lever for P225, P226, P228, P229 and P239 models.


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Sig Safety Levers

In support of their superbly engineered firearms, Sig Sauer provides factory parts to keep your gun in excellent shooting form. Experience the best performance and reliability from your pistol by using genuine Sig parts, like Sig Safety Levers. Top Gun Supply is a distributor of the most in-demand and hard-to-find parts for the pistols that elite shooters and defenders of safety around the world choose to carry. Find a Sig safety lever for your particular model within our extensive collection of handgun parts. We stock the Sig Sauer factory safety lever for all models with the smooth DAK trigger system. Also find safety levers for the popular Sig models from the P220 to the P226. Today’s Sig Sauer handguns integrate several internal safeties, which work together to ensure the gun won’t fire until the trigger is pulled. Gunsmithing knowledge will be required to replace safety levers, and if you need gun tools for the repairs, we’ve got those too!

Sig Sauer Safety Parts Direct from the Factory

Sig Sauer Safety Parts are built to factory specifications. With safety being your constant goal as a gun owner, you know it is important to order the proper replacements. When it’s time for repair or maintenance of your firearm investment, choose original Sig Sauer safety parts. In addition to the safety levers, we stock safety locks and lock springs for a number of handgun models with carbon and stainless steel slides. Sig Sauer engineers its firearms for performance, so keep key components, such as firing pins and hammer reset springs, in optimal working order with direct from the manufacturer gun parts. To put safety and security at the forefront, think Sig Sauer safety parts.