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Sig Sauer P938 9mm PARTS KIT

Sig Sauer P938 9mm PARTS KIT

Factory replacement parts kit for P938 pistols. Parts kit includes: Firing Pin Spring, Sear Spring, Safety Detent Plunger, Safety Spring, Mainspring, Recoil Spring, Grip Screw, Extractor Pin.


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Sig Sauer Parts Kit

If you own a Sig, you will want to see our parts selection to discover the right Sig Sauer parts kit for your gun. These factory kits come with the essential parts that owners request most often. We have the parts kits for the popular Sig P220 series. For the P229, you can order a kit that contains a recoil spring, trigger bar spring, slide catch lever spring, decocking lever spring, firing pin position pin and grip screws. We also have kits with the inner and outer roll pins for the appropriate models within the P220 family. We carry the kits with authentic factory parts for the 556 pistol, M4 style 556, and the classic Patrol and Swiss Rifles. The Sig 556 parts kits include the support and crush washers. Factory original Sig 556 accessories are also available at competitive prices in our parts section.

Parts made to factory specifications support the precision performance of Sig Sauer handguns. Spare parts keep your firearm in superb working order, and routine spring replacement may be recommended by Sig Sauer after a specific number of rounds have been fired. When it’s time for maintenance and repair, you won’t have to wait for your gun pin, screw, or spring to arrive, if you keep a Sig Sauer parts kit on hand. Our selection of Sig Sauer parts is so extensive that we organize them by gun model and by category. As a certified Sig Sauer parts distributor, we stock genuine factory parts from the small springs to the gun grips. You are sure to find everything you need for maintaining your Sig Sauer right here, including parts and Sig tools.