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Sig Sauer P232 Grips, Black Polymer

Sig Sauer P232 Grips, Black Polymer

Factory replacement grip panels for your Sig Sauer P232. *Includes Grips Screws and Washers*


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Sig Sauer Grips

Take Sig Sauer Grips in hand and gear up for action. Excellent control, appealing appearance and a secure hold are factory grip advantages. Choose from compact, slim, DAO/DAK, magwell, and standard polymer grips which are available for your Sig Sauer. These pistol grips contribute to a solid hold and excellent ergonomics that Sig shoots for in designs. The factory replacement grips for your Sig may come in the company’s advanced polymer that stands up to the elements. Consider hand size as you order Sig Sauer grips. Shooters who are searching for a larger grip may want to choose the medium Sig Pro grips with the security of a rubber coating. Those with small hands can order the smaller size stippled Sig Pro grips. Popular Sig Sauer pistol grips serve law enforcement, military and civilian shooters with ultra dependability. As you purchase your replacement grips, order grip screws for a factory appearance.

Get a Great Look and Secure Hold with Factory Sig Grip Panels

You’re prepared with the reliability of your Sig Sauer close at hand. So when it’s time to replace your grips, look to durable factory Sig Grip Panels to maintain the original characteristics, form and handling of your firearm. We stock the replacement sets of Sig grip panels for a range of models, such as the Sig Sauer P225 or the slim panels for your Sig P220. Also order the magwell grip panels for your Sig P226 and Sig P228 that coordinate with the new and older types of trigger bar springs. Magwell grips extend beneath the grip frame with a built-in magazine well, supporting reloads of Sig Sauer magazines. So wrap your fingers around outstanding materials and ergonomics with Sig panels.