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Sig Sauer Striker Assembly, P365

Sig Sauer Striker Assembly, P365

Sig Sauer Striker Assembly, compatible with Sig Sauer P365.


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Sig Sauer Firing Pins

If your Sig is your favorite companion at the range, make sure you replace its components with top caliber parts. Our super-sized selection of parts includes Sig Sauer Firing Pins straight from the factory. Keep essential spare parts, such as firing pins, with your gun supplies. With properly operating Sig pistols, users can quickly prepare to fire. We stock pins for stainless steel and carbon steel slide models. Though every Sig Sauer is built to be a precision pistol, there may come a time when replacements are required. The factory pins for SigPros with a manual thumb safety are here. Plus, we’ll set you up with the firing pins for the P Series 239, 225, 226, 228 and 229. And we’ve got the firing pin springs for the entire P series.

Your pistol is designed so firing occurs with each pull of the trigger until the magazine is empty. Keep your pistol trouble free and your shooting safer with the proper care and the purchase of quality replacement parts, such as Sig Sauer firing pins. If you experience a damaged firing pin, using high quality yet inexpensive factory replacement parts helps to ensure the ideal functioning of your investment. You can always find a full range of factory parts at We specialize in Sig parts for the law enforcement, military and civilian communities. When replacing parts, our armorer tools also prove invaluable. If you have firearms from other manufacturers, be sure to see the broad scope of gun parts we carry from leaders in gun technology. And visit us first to keep your firing pin functioning in top form with parts made specifically to work with the technical advancements of Sig Sauer semi-automatics.