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Sig Sauer Outer Slide Pin - P232

Sig Sauer Outer Slide Pin - P232

Sig Sauer factory Outer Roll Pin for P232


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Sig Sauer Firing Pin Positioning Pins

Our parts-packed site for semi-automatics brings shooters some of the most frequently needed replacement parts directly from manufacturers. Sig Sauer firing pin positioning pins are in stock for a variety of handguns which have the stainless steel slide. Our selection of pins also includes those for the later 9mm models. The Sig Sauer firing pin positioning pin lives up to its name by holding the firing pin in the slide. For ease of replacement, see the cup tin punch in our gun tools section. Though Sig Sauer strives for sturdy parts, damage can occur to firing pins. You want your firing pin to move smoothly, and this can be affected by problems with this positioning part. There are differences between the newer and older versions of the Sig firing pin positioning pins. Refer to your Sig serial number to make sure you order the right parts, so you have a back-up of essential pins and other supplies ready to go.

Buy Sig Sauer Roll Pins Individually or in Convenient Parts Kits

As an authorized Sig Sauer distributor, we stock the parts shooters ask for most often. This list includes the Sig Sauer Roll Pins that hold the rear position of the metal slide in place. You can buy roll pins and firing pin positioning pins individually or within our parts kits designed especially for Sigs. Order factory inner and outer roll pins for all carbon steel slide models here. Get a new Sig Sauer roll pin when you notice it malfunctioning to make sure the breechblock assembly stays in place. If you have roll pins that are not secure, a replacement could protect the precise workings of your pistol and guard against damage. Improperly functioning parts affect the overall workings of your Sig Sauer handgun.