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Sig Sauer Ejector - P228, P229, P239, P226-40

Sig Sauer Ejector - P228, P229, P239, P226-40

Sig Sauer factory ejector for P224, P228, P229, P239, P226 .40S&W and P226 .357SIG models.


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Sig Sauer Ejectors

For sure shooting, you need consistent performance and superior reliability. So make parts replacements with factory products you feel completely confident in ordering. Sig Sauer ejectors are genuine parts made for dependability. You’ll want to install only factory authorized parts in your handgun, which you’ve purchased from an official dealer, such as Top Gun Supply. You can trust us for high quality replacement parts. If you shoot a smooth-operating P226 9mm, often regarded as a premier pistol in the Sig line-up, you can order your ejector from us. One bad day at the range may be the result of an improperly functioning ejector. The installation of a new one could put you back into jam-free peak performance with improved safety. We stock ejectors for this respected manufacturer’s popular pistols from the P228 to the P239 .40S&W. Our expansive parts selection allows you to perform routine maintenance more efficiently, while spending less money on spare parts. So consider keeping extras on hand of inexpensive parts, like the Sig Sauer ejectors. Stock up your personal parts inventory to ensure you have the part you need when you need it.

Factory parts are designed for an ideal fit with other components. Choose the Sig ejector for your model and ensure safe and proper ejection. Remember, we carry the parts to back up your conversions, as well as the Sig Sauer conversion kits that get you started. For additional popular parts in one convenient kit, take a look at our Sig Sauer parts kits. Repair and replacement parts for specific Sig models are available every day on our site, so you’re accurate shooting is never compromised.