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Sig Sauer Decocking Lever - P232 Blue

Sig Sauer Decocking Lever - P232 Blue

Sig Sauer factory Decocking Lever for P232 Blue or t-tone models.


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Sig Sauer Decocking Levers

Purchase Sig Sauer Decocking Levers that match the blued or nickel finish on your handgun. These are factory firearms levers made to Sig standards that safely lower the hammer from a cocked position and safeguard against accidental discharges. Sig enthusiasts should always use the decocking lever to safely lower the gun hammer on their double action, single action (DA/SA) models. On models like the P226, the lever is positioned forward of the pistol’s slide release. Of course, you are the one who dictates the safe handling of your firearm, though having a properly working decocking lever will help you avoid the unplanned discharge. All of our Sig Sauer decocking levers are factory parts made to exact specifications. Sig Sauer has an impressive history of providing pistols and quality parts to shooters worldwide. If you shoot your P239 and then decide to reholster, you’re going to want flawless operation by the decocking lever that takes you back to double-action status. Should you notice a problem with your Sig decocking lever or the way in which it is lowering the hammer, you will want to initiate repairs right away. You won’t have a round that’s ready to fire safely with an improperly performing lever. Order decocking levers for your P220, P225 and P245 or purchase the right one for your P226, P228 and P229.

Check out the full selection of levers and related items within our extensive section of parts for Sig Sauer handguns. All of these parts are categorized for your convenience. If something is not working on your Sig, we understand you need a part fast! Within our selection of decocking levers for Sig Sauer guns, you will also see decocking lever springs and bearings to streamline your installations. Masterfully moving parts are critical contributors to your safety, just like shooting glasses and other protective gear.