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Hello. Got my Glock 19 Gen. 4 today. Along with the Glock 36 and SIG P220 .45 Compact I got from you, you couldn't ask for smoother transactions. I'm very satisfied with TGS. Thanks a lot! Brian


Ameriglo Sights

Ameriglo Sights put that target in a clear picture before you fire the shot. Ameriglo is a leader in weapons sight innovation and a premier provider of sights for Glocks. See our full line of Ameriglo sights categorized by handgun model. Replace the standard issue front sight on an M14 with an Ameriglo sight featuring a green tritium dot. Or order tall rear and front night sights for suppressed Sig pistols. Be sure to get your night sight sets for 1911s. Rear and front tritium night sights for the AK47 deliver green tritium dots and windage adjustability, with no weapon modifications. Our gun sights bring targets into clearer perspective.

Ameriglo Night Sights Glow for Years and Years

The green tritium of Ameriglo Night Sights gives off a 12-year glow. We’ve got the high-tech sights for a variety of popular handguns, including the night sights for full size and compact HKs. Some Ameriglo night sight sets offer the advantage of the Ghost Ring design. It’s a peep style rear sight allowing for rapid target acquisition. The Ameriglo Pro Operator series has a wide rear notch for a superior sight picture. To keep the night safer all around, store flashlights in your pack.

Ameriglo Tritium Night Sights Deliver Quick Front Sight Acquisition

Ameriglo Tritium Night Sights come in a range of styles, including U-RAP, suppressor, operator and ghost ring. The Ameriglo Operator set allows for focusing ease on the front sight, even in low or no light conditions. The bright tritium front has a white outline while the tritium rear has no outline. A U-RAP set features an innovative half peep designed rear sight that contributes to rapid target acquisition. In fact, fast sight acquisition and CNC machined steel materials are characteristics of Ameriglo tritium night sights.