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Champion Shooting Glasses, Ballistic Red/Grey

Champion Shooting Glasses, Ballistic Red/Grey

The Champion Shooting Glasses provide exceptional comfort and wrap around safety. Sharp images with no distortion. OSHA compliant—maximum Z87.1 safety rated. Ballistic rated provides four times the protection of standard shooting glasses. 99.9% UVA/UVB protection.


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Shooting Glasses

Unfortunately, thousands of gun-related eye injuries occur every year. Your sight is invaluable, so take steps to protect it. Start with shooting glasses designed from high-impact materials. Our shooting glasses are made from rigid polycarbonate and help you safeguard your eyes when you shoot and load. Get glare-free vision, even when wearing contact lenses, with all our shooting glasses. They meet stringent professional standards for eye protection, while providing a wide field of view.

Gun Safety Glasses Designed for Shooting Situations

Are you wearing an average pair of sunglasses for your hunting and target activities? Maybe it’s time to rethink that move. Most regular sunglasses don’t come in high impact materials. Gun safety glasses from a reputable maker are meticulously manufactured especially for shooting activities. Have you ever been shocked by a ricochet? Though no activity can be 100 percent safe, gun safety glasses can help protect you from unexpected situations. Our site proves polycarbonate can be stylish, safe and affordable. So take a look. While ordering safety glasses, safeguard your hearing too with gun ear muffs.

Shooting Safety Glasses are Essential Eye Protectors

On the range or in the field, shooting safety glasses help protect your priceless vision. Think about this; when you shoot your gun, a powerful explosion is only inches from your eyes. Even when you’re not actually shooting, your sportsmanship takes you outdoors into whatever the wind kicks up, including dust and debris. The person near you may eject a shell casing or lead fragments can come back at you from the targets. Proper eye protection is not negotiable for the shooter. Once you’re looking good and feeling safe with your shooting safety glasses, take time to learn more about safety and performance with our gun dvds.