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Scopecoat ACOG Neoprene Sight Protector for Compact Models

Scopecoat ACOG Neoprene Sight Protector for Compact Models

Protective Neoprene cover installs easily and removes quickly. Fits the ACOG Compacts.


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Rugged Trijicon Rifle Optics deliver an array of features for rapid target acquisition and precision aiming at night, in dim light or daylight. Advanced combat optics by Trijicon were designed for law enforcement and military applications. The internally adjustable Trijicon ACOG models are telescopic scopes featuring tritium illumination. They deliver exacting performance and accurate target acquisition. The military grade aluminum housing on these units is virtually indestructible. The lenses are specially coated for anti-reflective and distortion-free clarity. Low light aiming is supported by glowing amber reticles. Trijicon models that feature BAC technology have highly effective daytime sighting supported by advanced fiber optics which gather ambient light. With dual illumination, the battery-free Trijicon optics for rifles come engineered for greater hit capabilities in every type of lighting situation. When you’re ready to step up to a Trijicon or other high-tech rifle optics maker, our gun scopes are ready to order.

Achieve Enhanced Marksmanship with Trijicon ACOG Rifle Sights

Developed to enhance speed and accuracy, Trijicon ACOG Rifle Sights supply generous magnifications, long eye relief and superior low light functionality. Trijicon makes a compact ACOG sight for the space limitations of sub-machine guns. This model has ample magnification for target detection. The non-magnified Trijicon Reflex Sight was designed for close-quarters and features a reticle with dual illumination. Those who aim in motion benefit from this ACOG rifle sight by Trijicon, which allows for both eyes open shooting. At night, the tritium lamp glows brightly, and in the daytime, fiber optic technology supplies the aiming point. Also be sure to see our selection of Trijicon night sights for Glock, Sig Sauer and other popular handguns.