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Ruger 300 AAC Blackout AR-556/SR-556 30RD Magazine

Ruger 300 AAC Blackout AR-556/SR-556 30RD Magazine

Ruger 300 ACC Blackout, 30rd magazine for the SR-556 and AR-556. Made in the USA.
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Ruger Magazines

Steel construction stands strong in Ruger Magazines. Ruger firearms are manufactured to high standards of ruggedness and reliability. Factory Ruger magazines also reflect these standards. We carry the blued steel, 20-shot, .223 Rem. caliber magazines for a Mini-14 rifle. When you choose a factory Ruger magazine, you are ensured of proper fit, function and performance in your Ruger firearms. Don’t settle for a substitute! Top Gun Supply is a provider of factory parts and accessories from the leading manufacturers in the gun industry, including Sturm, Ruger, & Co. When you purchase from the gun’s maker, you know your magazine is constructed to detailed specifications. Top Gun receives its magazines directly from the manufacturer to provide to you! If you need assistance shopping for accessories, contact us. We can direct you to gun sights and gun holsters that work with popular model handguns as well.

A Factory Ruger Rifle Magazine for a Tactical Firearm


Our Ruger rifle magazines are genuine, made in the USA, factory accessories for this manufacturer’s autoloading rifle. For years, Ruger Mini-14 rifles have served well in applications where owners required maneuverability and smooth handling. With their short barrels and length, these rifles deliver just that. We stock the 20-round, Ruger rifle magazine for your tactical style mini-14. Take advantage of sturdy, precision-made springs and the stamina of steel. A blued body and floor plate mean the metal is coated to help with rust and scratch prevention. Magazines are integral to the firearm, and a poorly functioning magazine can mess up a shooting day and possibly put safety at risk. So choose magazines that are feeding devices designed to power up your firearms.