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Don Hume 001 Pocket Holster, Brown, Colt Mustang

Don Hume 001 Pocket Holster, Brown, Colt Mustang

For the pocket pistols, this 001 pocket holster can be used left or right handed. The design provides for stability to maintain the proper drawing position and retention. Can be used in the trouser pocket or coat pocket. Only available in Saddle Brown. This holster is designed specifically for the Colt Mustang .380 pocket pistols.


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Colt Holsters

Our impressive selection of Colt Holsters comes in molded leathers of rich brown or sleek black.The designs provide for stability and keep your Colt in the ready position for proper drawing. These are outstanding concealment holsters specifically designed for your Colt. You’ll be assured of reliable and safe gun retention throughout an active day. Don Hume holsters for Colt guns feature an open-top, high riding, canted, outside the waistband design. Some Don Hume Colt holsters can be placed conveniently in a trouser or coat pocket. These pocket holsters are made especially for the Colt pocket pistols. We have the crafted natural leather holsters with the detailed workmanship to ensure longer service. To extend the beauty of your leather holster and gun, see our cleaning supplies. Gear up for all-day carry with your new Colt holster. Order a holster for your Colt Officer, Commander or Mustang model today.

Leather Holster for Your Colt Delivers a Smooth Draw and Comfort Carry

Carry the proud tradition of a historic pistol. Order a durable, easy to maintain leather holster for your Colt. The contoured fit promotes positive retention and the design supports a smooth and rapid draw. You’ll also want to see our premium leather gun belts hand-crafted to support stable carry. We have leather holsters for your Colt that work with belts up to 1.75 inches wide. The right belt coordinating with the proper holster will give you a stable carry combination. If you have your leather holster on for long periods, you need gun accessories that incorporate comfort into the design. Shop here to get the leather Colt holsters that shield your body from the slide. Superior function and gun fit unite in our line of leather holsters.