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Align P320 Thumb Rest Takedown Lever

Align P320 Thumb Rest Takedown Lever

The Align Tactical® THUMB REST TAKEDOWN LEVER integrates an ergonomic ledge for the support hand's thumb to firmly lock down against, serving as a brake against muzzle flip to provide the fastest follow-up sight picture. Increased surface contact with the pistol reduces support hand slippage while providing an index point for a consistent high thumbs-forward grip. Swaps in seconds to offer maximum control and speed in Sig Sauer® P320® (M17/M18)® pistols for a competitive edge.

Establishing a two-handed grip creates a naturally angled cant of one’s support hand thumb. Incorporating a secondary receiving slope of 15 degrees allows for evenly distributed thumb pressure and serves as a guide for settling into proper contact position (with the center of the thumb’s pad “finger print” flatly pressed to the rest). The Align Tactical® THUMB REST TAKEDOWN LEVER protrudes 0.4 inches (10mm) from the grip module for a comfortably slim footprint that creates approximately half a thumb width of effective resistance area. Horizontal serrations offer excellent traction against recoiling muzzle rise without being abrasive. Perfectly sized with aesthetics to match.

The Align Tactical® THUMB REST TAKEDOWN LEVER is compatible with all models of Sig Sauer® P320 (M17/M18)® pistols. Hardened S7 tool steel part finished in Black Oxide. Approved for USPSA Production. Made in USA with lifetime warranty.

*Holster selection requires clearance for extended ledge.


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Looking for Sig Sauer Gun Parts? We have them. Sig Sauer Takedown Levers are a part that plays an important roll in accuracy and the longevity of your Sig Sauer pistol. A sloppy fit between your takedown lever and locking insert can decrease accuracy and even cause damage to your gun if it is not spotted and repaired early. The battering between the locking insert, takedown lever and barrel will damge the frame rails as well as many other parts. Be safe and have your Sig Sauer checked out by a Certified Armorer every 5000 rounds or once a year. Keeping your gun maintained will keep it reliable and running well.