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Grayguns Hard Duty Use VP9/P30 Magazine Base Pad - Standard Brass

Grayguns Hard Duty Use VP9/P30 Magazine Base Pad - Standard Brass

Brass Base Pads are perfect for competitors looking to add weight to their pistol. As compared to our 6061 Aluminum pads with anodized coating for the P320, P226 or VP9/P30 the Brass Base Pads are significantly heavier; more than triple the weight.

For USPSA Production, ensure you weigh your setup to ensure you are under the maximum weight limit.

Each pad features a 3-by-5 matrix. Number your mags using a Sharpie or paint pen. Additional space is available to write your initials.

Weight Comparison – VP9 & P30

  • Brass (VP9/P30) – 1 ounce
  • Grayguns Hard Duty Use Aluminum Pads (VP9/P30) – About .3 ounces

A spacer – shown in photos – is included for use with 15-round magazines. No spacer is required for the 17-round magazines.


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Gun Magazine Base Pads

Factory and aftermarket gun magazine base pads are available in our extensive parts inventory. We carry the steel, rubber and polymer Sig Sauer base pads for a slip-free fit to your gun magazines. Get a steel base plate for the P225 9mm magazines. They’re factory built to exact specifications. Or order the Mec-Gar base pads that work with both the Sig production mags and Mec-Gar’s own magazines. You can buy a factory base pad and a coordinating insert for Sig P239 magazines in one convenient kit. Using this accessory kit will up your capacity by a round. Heckler & Koch magazine users need to see our full line of handgun magazine base pads from the H&K factory. Be sure to review the product descriptions to get the proper fitting base plate for your Sig Sauer and H&K magazines. We’re also your top online source for a great selection of gun magazines and magazine adapters.

The Right Magazine Base Plates Support Reliability

Utilize durable and effective magazine base plates that are sized to fit specific magazines. These are affordably priced, quality parts that can be kept on hand for replacement as needed. The right gun magazine base plates contribute to positive magazine seating. So order base plates that match the magazines for your gun models. Our factory base plates for H&K magazines come in two designs. Choose a floor plate with an extended base and finger rest or a low profile base plate for maximum concealability. Support reliability during quick mag changes with the proper magazine floor plates and mag base pads made by the best suppliers. Shop now.