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Wolff Guide Rod/Spring Package - SPRINGFIELD XD9/40/357 - 21lbs

Wolff Guide Rod/Spring Package - SPRINGFIELD XD9/40/357 - 21lbs

Guide Rod with Recoil Spring package for the 4" Service XD 9mm, .40 and .357 models. Wolff XD guide rods are a precision, hi-quality one piece steel quide rod. Designed for optimum performance they replace the standard factory recoil system. Rods are hardened to a minimum RC-55 for durability. Available in a durable black finish. Comes with a 21 lbs. recoil spring and an extra power striker spring.


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Guide Rods

We sell guide rods of polymer and guide rods of steel. If you own a SigPro, the factory ships us polymer recoil spring guide rods designed especially for these guns, as well as factory guide rods of carbon steel manufactured to fit Sig Sauer models. If you are a gun owner who craves superior components, turn to us for stainless steel guide rods that have been machined to exacting specifications for a fit that contributes to a smoother slide with less muzzle rise.

Gun Guide Rods Resist Corrosion

You may want gun guide rods to reduce recoil or to obtain a smoother feel when pulling the slide. Metal gun guide rods are often hardened and finished for extra durability and corrosion-resistance. They can be purchased individually or as part of a package, where the factory recoil spring unit is replaced for enhanced performance. When you repair or swap out this part, you often are changing a factory piece for an accessory of choice, like when you purchase a certain type of gun grips. Many shooters think a quality guide rod makes a day at the range even better.

Steel Guide Rods Smooth the Slide

Steel Guide Rods come in carbon and stainless steel. Our site gives you access to higher quality steel guide rods that are machined, ground and polished for precision. Solid, stainless steel guide rods add weight under the barrel, contributing to recoil reduction and accuracy in follow-up shots. You may prefer a stainless steel guide rod from our firearm supplies as a replacement for your original guide rod. If the original one was made of light materials, such as hollow metal, it can be replaced and the new one used with the original recoil spring.