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Barrel Thread Protector - .578-28

Barrel Thread Protector - .578-28

Thread protector for threaded barrels with threads .578-28. Fits SIG P220 Combat factory threaded barrel and any other barrels with .578-28 threads. These are manufactured by Top Gun Supply from aluminum to ensure complete protection of the threads on your expensive threaded barrel. Laser etched for easy identification


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If you have a threaded gun barrel designed for silencer attachment, thread protectors are must-have accessories. They guard the threads on a threaded barrel when the suppressor has been removed. You’ve invested in a threaded barrel as an alternative to your stock barrel, so protect that investment with specially made thread protectors. The protectors are screwed on in seconds to prevent damage from occurring to the threads whenever the suppressor is not in place. Avoid exposing those threads on your 9 mm factory barrel; no exposure means no damage. Plus, you can conveniently shoot with your thread protectors still on the gun! Owners with threaded Sig Sauer gun barrels will want to look over our protector choices.

Gun Thread Protectors Keep Barrels Covered

On our gun owner-oriented pages, we stock gun thread protectors made specifically for factory threaded barrels. With one small purchase, you can shield threads on that special barrel from nicks and cuts. Gun thread protectors manufactured from tough aluminum will stand strong. There are optional accessories for guns, and then there are those essential accessories that protect the gun’s customized parts. Gun thread protectors fall into the essentials category when you are using a threaded barrel on your firearm. And protectors come at a low price when compared to the funds you dedicated to buying a threaded replacement barrel. Also find thread barrel adapters on our site that convert factory threads. Even the smallest gun parts can make a difference in your gun ownership experience. Let us know how we can help with purchases of all sizes!