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Barrel Thread Protector - .578-28

Barrel Thread Protector - .578-28

Thread protector for threaded barrels with threads .578-28. Fits SIG P220 Combat factory threaded barrel and any other barrels with .578-28 threads. These are manufactured by Top Gun Supply from aluminum to ensure complete protection of the threads on your expensive threaded barrel. Laser etched for easy identification


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Sig Sauer Barrels

With an effortless install, you can replace your Sig Sauer barrels and expand the capabilities of your valued firearms. Use drop-in installation of the respected factory Sig Sauer barrels to convert guns like your P226 from 40S&W to 357SIG. Or purchase replacement barrels manufactured to exacting standards at the factory for direct shipment to Top Gun Supply. We carry replacement barrels for the most popular Sig Sauer models, including a barrel for your P220 carry, .45 automatic Colt pistol. In addition to our full line of drop-ins, you can order replacement threaded barrels built to premium standards.

Sig Sauer Conversion Barrels Add a New Shooting Direction

In less than a minute, you can place Sig Sauer Conversion Barrels into your gun for increased shooting flexibility. It’s almost like owning another Sig, and that’s a plus in any gun enthusiast’s opinion. Though Sig pistol factory drop-ins are designed to fit in the majority of cases, minor fitting make be required. Let us answer your Sig Sauer conversion barrel questions before you buy. As one of a limited number of this company’s parts distributors, we are eager to lend our expertise! Also ask us about our Sig Sauer conversion kits.

Factory Replacement Barrels for Sig Sauer Guns

Factory replacement barrels for Sig Sauer Guns arrive at your door with a promise to last. These replacement pistol barrels have been precision made during a diligent manufacturing process to assure owners of accuracy and to lengthen barrel life. Factory replacement barrels for Sig Sauer guns are heat-treated to ensure that strength and endurance are dropped into your gun. Make us your top stop for the very best in Sig Sauer replacement parts.