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LaRue Tactical Micro Aimpoint Tall Mount QD

LaRue Tactical Micro Aimpoint Tall Mount QD

The LaRue Tactical QD Mount for the Aimpoint Micro T-1 allows 1/3 co-witness with your M4 Carbine and AR-15 Flattop iron sights. Includes mounting instructions, replacement mounting screws, wrench, QD adjustment wrench and blue Lock-Tite.


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AR-15 Sights

Tactical shooters, hunters and marksmen need sights from leading makers at affordable prices. We bring you AR-15 Sights with dependability worked into the design, and some exciting optical technology too. Magpul, a best-seller in AR-15 accessories, offers innovative flip-up front and rear sights to mount on your rifle’s top rail. Depress a latch and the sight section pops up. The front AR-15 sight uses a standard front sight post. The rear sight includes windage adjustment. We also carry Ameriglo’s in-demand front night sight with its green tritium technology for AR-15s. Use these gun sights in low and no light, for aiming accuracy.

Prepare to Fire with AR-15 Optical Sights

AR-15 Optical Sights boost target acquisition, especially at longer ranges, and offer windage and elevation adjustment options. Your rifle-mounted, AR-15 optical sight streamlines the process of target identification. Get the picture and prepare to fire. Versatile Aimpoint optics feature advanced circuitry that yields highly efficient battery use. Meprolight’s reflex optic allows you to shoot with both eyes open and an amber bullseye reticle equals rapid acquisition. Visit our pages of optics and gun scopes organized by manufacturer.

High-Tech Tactical Sights for AR-15 Rifles Improve Speed and Accuracy

Find that target fast with tactical sights for AR-15 rifles. We stock solid choices that stand up to harsh conditions. A holographic weapon sight enhances speed and accuracy in tactical or military scenarios, and now with manufacturers like Trijicon, Aimpoint, and Vortex, hunters and sport shooters experience similar benefits. Use the night vision compatibility to hunt at dark, reticle pattern to estimate range, and wide view for improved acquisition. Trijicon self-luminous, non-magnified sights utilize fiber optics for varied lighting adjustments. Achieve acquisition with open eyes when using high-tech tactical sights for AR-15 rifles. So align that dot and squeeze off a shot.