LWRC Individual Carbine A5 16″ Rifle

Top Gun Supply is proud to carry the LWRCI line of rifles and SMGs. We also have many models in stock. These are available in .223/ 5.56 and 45ACP.

This amazing rifle descends directly from the rifles developed by LWRCI to meet the requirements for the United States Military, and specifically the Army. The Army has an individual carbine program and demands high standards for the firearms to qualify. The IC-A5 is a great design that is built from the ground up for high performance.

This is the latest and greatest model in the individual carbine series by LWRCI. LWRCI has their own patented short-stroke gas piston system. It is machined from materials that are super alloy steel. This type of steel is so well manufactured it is most often used in the aerospace industry. The LWRC Individual Carbine A5 16″ Rifle is a top quality from the design to all the metal components used to create this living legend.

You get full ambidextrous lower receiver includes bolt catch and release, magazine release and fire control access from both sides of the IC-A5. That is unheard of in a weapon in this price range. Usually you would have to pay extra to customize your weapon after purchase.

These rifles use the LWRCI Nicor treated cold Hammer Forged spiral fluted barrel that are 20% lighter than unfluted barrels of the same diameter. These barrels cool faster, are more durable, and have great corrosion and wear resistance. This makes this gun barrel more dependable and reliable.

LWRCI is a brand of rifle that has taken the industry by storm. Their high quality rifles provide more out of the box features than most brands available. You can trust the quality and Top Gun Supply is proud to carry this model, as well as 14 other models.

.223/5.56, and 45 ACP available in the LWRC SMG 8.5″ Pistol – 45ACP model. The 25 round magazine makes shooting a pleasure with this model. This is their first model in the new SMG family from LWRCI and it is a winner. Every part of this design was created with feedback from shooters, operators, and our top consumers. These are made with the finest high performance aluminum and steel materials. Then the components are given a premium hard coat, anodized nitride nickel boron surface treatment. This means these SMGs are built to last and perform.

Purchase your very own LWRCI model from Top Run Supply. We work hard to keep this popular gun line in stock. These are also available in our retail locations as well as the ship to dealer where available. Check to see if we deliver to your area, and we can help you locate a Firearms Dealer for delivery in your area on our site.