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Pro-Shot Tactical Gun Cleaning System .30 cal/.308cal/7.62mm


Pro-Shot Tactical Gun Cleaning System .30 cal/.308cal/7.62mm

The Pro-Shot Tactical Gun Cleaning System is a pull-through cleaning system that uses a cable with separate jag and brush ends. The specially designed pull-through jag ensures the patch will stay in place while cleaning. This kit provides for the same versatility as a cleaning rod but in a smaller, more portable package. Kit comes with pull cable, oil, detachable handle, bronze bore brush, jag, patches, silicone cloth, and carrying case.


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Gun Cleaning Kit

An essential gun cleaning kit contributes to the reliability, safety and performance of your firearm. We have a universal gun kit that works on handguns and rifles. A gun cleaning kit lets you keep your brushes, pull-through and oil in one convenient carrying case Regular gun maintenance gives you greater confidence in the proper functioning of your firearm. By having a cleaning kit and other supplies on hand, you can efficiently care for your revolver, rifle or semi-automatic. And during the firearm cleaning process, you can inspect the gun’s inner workings. For additional supplies, look to our jags and patches and cleaners and lubricants. Remember, safety first when using cleaning kits for guns.

A Rifle Cleaning Kit Helps to Ensure Reliability

Respect your rifles. A rifle cleaning kit protects your valuable investment. Your well-cleaned rifle delivers improved firearm functioning, and parts may suffer less wear with routine cleaning and lubrication. Whether you’re performing normal maintenance or preparing your rifle for storage, make sure you have materials for gun cleaning that get the job done. At Top Gun Supply, you can buy rifle cleaning tools with the capability to remove frustrating fouling. Use our rifle cleaning kit in the field or home.

Handgun Cleaning Kit Supports Regular Maintenance

Add time to your firearm’s life with a handgun cleaning kit. You’ll want to regularly clean revolvers and semi-automatics – whether they’re for self defense or range time. Our handgun cleaning kits are beneficial maintenance supplies for a variety of gun owners. Handguns that are heavy shooters need more cleaning. Guns in humid or dusty conditions also need extra care. And a dirty semi-automatic could fail to feed. Kits for handgun cleaning help you keep up with maintenance, so you can concentrate on shooting skills.