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Armed Response - A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Self Defense - BOOK - SALE

Armed Response - A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Self Defense - BOOK - SALE

The Armed Response book is a comprehensive guide for using firearms in self defense in life threatening situations. Covers many aspects of concealed carry, choosing the firearm that is right for you, choosing your holster, training techniques, legal issues and the use of lethal force and much more. This book is written by David Kenik with a foreword by reknown firearms expert Massad Ayoob. 192 pages with 175 photo's and illistrations.


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Prepare your mind before your finger touches the trigger. Gain beneficial information and key advice from shooting experts that is readily available in gun books. The more you know about guns and their use, the safer and more accurate you are in a variety of shooting situations. Pick up tips for sports, competition and self-defense through our line of tactical shooting books. After reading a guide to armed defense, you will be better prepared both physically and mentally for conditions that could require you to use a gun. Learn how to act decisively in a life-threatening situation. A gun book can even help you choose the right gun and holster or concealed handgun for you. If you are considering competitions, or would like to improve overall accuracy, choose a book about guns from an award-winning shooting competitor. Photos and illustrations in best-selling firearms’ books support your precision.

Read Firearm Books for Improved Accuracy and More Precision While Shooting

Develop your tactical shooting skills by reading firearm books that guide you through drills that make a difference. Firearm books with shooting drills benefit those considering competition or working to excel at match shooting. Yet they also help anyone planning to advance firearm abilities. Improve your draw or learn to shoot when in motion with a firearm book that features guidelines for personal practice. Learn about reloading and recoil control from the experts. You can achieve more exact shooting through self-instruction techniques gained from gun books. Go from a slump to a bull’s eye with a book on firearms written by a pro. Also consider the instructional advantages of a gun dvd, which could teach you tactics for defensive shooting.