Yugoslavian SKS Rifle - 7.62x39mm - Grade A

Yugoslavian SKS Rifle - 7.62x39mm - Grade A

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Manufacturer Part Number SKS-A
Caliber 7.62X39

SKS M59/66 Grade A rifles from Serbia, Ministry of Internal Affairs. These are in excellent to like new military surplus condition. Expect some dings and dents from being stored in crates. Bluing is excellent. Comes with a fixed blade bayonet and grenade launcher. Accessories are not guaranteed.

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James Pimbleton

Dec 9, 2016

I really love my new sks. The rifle I got looks pristine, pretty much new, and came with a leather ammo pouch which I wasn't expecting so that's nice. My sks has a manufacture date of 1976, and has all matching serial numbers. The rifle had a light coat of cosmoline that comes off nicely with mineral spirits or some other degreaser. The stock itself looks pristine once you've cleaned off the very light coating of cosmoline, with closer inspection revealing just a few very small nicks and dents which are unnoticable basically without looking closer. The bluing on the rifle looks perfect, no pitting or surface rust anywhere. I could also tell that the rifle was at least test fired as I cleaned out some carbon fouling in the gas port and barrel, but the rifling looks perfect so no problems there. So if you're looking for a collectors piece this yugo sks will most certainly fit the bill.

But if you also want to shoot it, you're going to have to get the cosmoline out of the bolt that holds the firing pin or you risk slam fires. And getting to the firing pin takes a punch and a hammer to get the firing pin retaining pin out so you can access the firing pin channel. That's probably going to be the hardest part of cleaning the rifle but once you've finished you're left with an awesome looking yugo sks.
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Justin Polhamus

Dec 2, 2016

WOW! This rifle looks like it just rolled off the line in Yugoslavia. I will almost feel bad when i clean off the cosmoline and shoot it. It is PERFECT. Numbers match 100%, there is pencil (Real pencil) on the stock near the trigger guard that matches EP'd numbers near the trigger hole and under the rear sight. Stamped numbers match everywhere. This rifle looks NEW, not refurbished or ever used. Came with a mag pouch too! (Was missing cleaning kit and sling though, no biggie)

I'm going to keep this one for a long time to come!
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Nov 11, 2016

I just received my gun a few days ago. After doing a light exterior cleaning of the cosmoline, the gun appears to be in excellent condition. The stock looks to be unfinished, so that gives me another task to complete when I disassemble the gun to do a thorough cleaning.
I am very happy with the condition of the gun, however, I was a bit upset that the only thing that I received was the gun. It has no cleaning kit in it, no sling, or even the ammo pouch that they were all suppose to have. This is the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5.
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John Sterner

Jun 26, 2016

The SKS that I received is from 1978. The gun was coated lightly in cosmo. Thankfully the cosmo wasn't heavily slathered on so cleanup was fairly easy. Included with the firearm is a leather ammo pouch. No cleaning kit or sling but not a big deal, really. The rifle has no pitting and no rust, not even surface rust. The bore's excellent, as advertised for a Grade A rifle. All metal parts are great. The wood stock had very little cosmo and, what was there, came off with little effort. After cleanup and oil, the grain in the stock looked and felt a lot better than expected. There are a couple very small handling nicks but they're only visible upon deep inspection. The gun hasn't been fired and I plan to keep it that way. The firearm is Grade A. My interaction with Top Gun has been nothing but positive. I'm glad that I purchased the rifle.
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Paul Saacke

May 30, 2016

I'm really happy with this purchase! I received a 1989, last year of manufacture, SKS 59/66 A1 with brand new leather stripper clip pouch. This rifle was never issued. It was lightly cosmolined, and stock appears to be unfinished. It's got a few smudges from handling and a minor dime sized dent that will steam out if I get the urge, or I may just leave it, it's that insignificant. There is scattered and very minor corrosion from long term storage in some spots. The only obvious one, if you're looking hard, is about the size of 1/4 of a dime on the rear top of the housing cover. No big deal. I'm guessing the storage crates support the gun there and adsorbed some moisture. The enclosed cleaning kit had some external corrosion but is completely useable. The stock ferrules have some scattered rust (tough to see) and a few small light ones (less than 1/8") on the wood-side edge of the trigger group. There is a little bit or rust under the gas tube just under the front of the top stock. The screw heads of the butt plate screws have rust but the integrity of the screws is not affected. The butt plate, trap door assemble is rusty inside (as is the spring at the bottom of the cleaning kit cavity) and although the spring to close the door is functional, it's not enough to close the door when you take your finger out. Generally speaking I mention the corrosion because it's there. I hate rust on a gun, but, I'm quite OK with the minimal amounts and where they're located. Don't look, don't tell as far as I'm concerned. The only one my critical eye caught right away was the one under my nose at the rear of the housing/dust cover. The ferrules and trigger group were mostly found by feel when I was cleaning the cosmoline. The cleaning kit and butt plate screws were obvious (when you stick the butt in your face)

I mentioned the stock is unfinished. It looks like a very straight and close grained piece of birch. It should take a nice finish with just a surface cleanup up of very fine steel wool. Oh, almost forgot, virtually no cosmoline inside the stock. Only a couple of spots which I may have caused upon dissassembly, which wiped right off. This is really OK to finish as you see fit as is. I may use a little acetone and whiting to clean out the internal spots. The outside looks devoid of cosmoline, just some finger smudges.

The bluing is superb and the piston looks like it's chromed, although the Yugoslavian SKSs did not have chrome bores. I wiped down the metal parts with some Kroil and the cosmoline came right off (again, very little, just enough to almost do a perfect anti-rust job. The bolt is almost immobile from the cosmoline, so that, and the bore and internal gas tubes, still need to be done. Not a big deal, strip down is quite easy, no tools necessary, except a bullet or screw driver to push the trigger group release. With that clean up done it's ready to shoot (or just plain admire). Even the internal machining, which you wouldn't see is none cleanly.

The shipping package was open at one end and had been kind of re-taped a little by UPS, but still open so I don't know if a sling was included from my container and fell out or not. No big deal. Absolutely no damage to remaining contents. Thanks Top Gun Supply!
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