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Gun Bore Stores

With so many ways to protect your firearm from damage and corrosion, make the smart choice to guard your investment with the appropriate products. Order gun bore stores for both your handgun and long gun here. Bore-Stores gun storage cases offer exceptional protection for firearms storage and transport. The pile inside the case has been treated with pure silicone and rust inhibitors to ensure the gun is well covered.
The Bore-Stores at Top Gun Supply are first-rate products that provide an inexpensive way to store your guns for longer periods of time. No need to worry over how the gun is responding to storage; no need to treat the gun heavily with grease prior to placing it inside; and no need to pull it out of storage for maintenance.

The exterior of the double-sided fabric is an open weave designed to allow for both circulation and evaporation. The cushiony interior pile guards against damage and includes silicone and special corrosion resistance. The padding will not retain moisture. The bore stores come in a full scope of sizes with secure flap closures. The manufacturer of this product has tested it with fellow gun enthusiasts who know your firearm is important to you. Customer satisfaction is consistently high on this accessory. Fit handguns, from small to long revolvers in these soft cases. If you are looking for rifle storage, gun bore stores work well with long guns from the sporting rifle to the scoped carbine. Trust fine woods and metal to the treated interior. When not in use, roll and stow your Bore-Store until needed.