Sig Sauer P210 Standard, 9mm, Contrast Sights

Sig Sauer P210 Standard, 9mm, Contrast Sights

Sig Sauer P210 Standard
Sig Sauer P210 Standard
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SKU 210A-9-B
Manufacturer Part Number 210A-9-B
Caliber 9mm
UPC Code 798681555468
Sig Sauer P210 Standard chambered in 9mm. Precision machined stainless steel slide and frame with nitron finish, contrast sights, 5" barrel, SAO target grade trigger, Walnut grips and two 8rnd magazines.

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John Z

Mar 30, 2020

Great pistol. Fit and finish are excellent. I e had no issues with it so far, and frankly really enjoy it as a range toy/target pistol. Contrary to the other reviewer, I do like the 3 Dot combat sights - all black sights are pretty difficult to see (think the HK USP Tactical - replaced all y stock USP sights). If you don’t like the sights any Sig 220 series front and rear sights fit this pistol. Two thumbs up so far!
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Charles McDonald

Oct 24, 2019

I have to say I am really impressed with the new P210 I got about 10 days ago from Top Gun Supply. Delivery was fast and the price was right.

I finally got to the range to shoot the newly acquired P210 SIG (U.S. Made) and I have to admit I am impressed... really impressed... Maybe in awe would be a better description.

In an earlier post I commented on my first impressions of this American made SIG 210. Honestly, I was more than a little skeptical of how this pistol would stand up when compared to a Swiss made example of the same gun. Given that the typical Swiss P210 can run four times the price of the U.S. production I really was not sure what to expect. I had heard reports the U.S. made gun is very accurate and certainly hoped those reports were accurate...

Happily the new P210 did not disappoint...

I decided to use two types of ammunition to do the initial firing of the SIG. So getting ready to head to the range I got out two boxes of my 115gr copper plated lead round nose ammo and two boxes of 147gr copper plated round nose ammunition. This ammunition was nothing out of the is mixed brass that I clean and polish before reloading and then polish briefly after reloading to remove the tool marks from the case.

So, once comfortably settled down at the range I hung some targets (10x10" size) and moved the target carrier to 15 yards... the max distance the range offers. I started out with the 115gr loads.

The 210 digested the 115gr load flawlessly... and it proved a very accurate load indeed... I had rather expected the 115gr to be the more accurate of the two loads (and this proved to be the case) given most European 9x19 is 115gr and given the 210 was designed in Europe.

Here is the first target....


This target is five rounds of 115gr PLRN range ammo. This was about par for the performance of the 115gr handload. A few targets had some called flyers but the 210 delivered consistently excellent results with this ammo.

After finishing up a box of 115gr 9x19 I switched to 147gr PLRN to see how it worked in the SIG.

Here is the first target using 147gr ammo:


This target is five rounds of 147gr PLRN again at 15yds.

Groups using 147gr ammo were fractionally larger than the 115gr, but the differences were so small as to be negligible.

So, I have to say I am very pleased with the results. I really didn't expect a 9mm pistol by any maker to deliver accuracy of such a high level (particularly with my old eyes.)

I guess the bottom line is "Highly Recommended."



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Jarrod L

Jun 11, 2019

Elegant and 3in/50yrd accurate.

1911 inspired magazine release,beavertail,and thumb safety increase usability compared to the original P210. Lack of magazine disconnect also a welcome improvement on the original.

Still there is some room for improvement. Sights would be better without the white dots. Front sight is too wide for the rear notch. Thumb safety lever is shaped for appearance over comfort. Grips are too bulky and 'square' for a single stack.

Very glad I bought it and I look forward to making it perfect.
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