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Scopecoat ACOG Neoprene Sight Protector for Compact Models

Scopecoat ACOG Neoprene Sight Protector for Compact Models

Protective Neoprene cover installs easily and removes quickly. Fits the ACOG Compacts.


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Gun Scope Covers

Protective gun scope covers safeguard your optic investment, as they cover the entire scope. A lens cap will not be needed when our covers are on. These covers for scopes slip on easily and come off quickly. Their advanced materials fight the effects of the elements. With the right gun scope covers, a variety of optics can be shielded from dust, dirt, and moisture. The scope covers provide some water resistance and diminish the impact of condensation on the gun scope. Scratches and dings are also less likely to occur when a shock-absorbing optics cover is used. Expensive scope finishes will be better protected during storage or in the field. Depending upon your optic type, the fits of our covers for scopes may be snug or more relaxed. If you have questions about cover fits, send us an e-mail or give us a call. We work hard to be your leading gun supply source.

Scopecoat Covers Deliver High Grade Protection

If you demand maximum performance from your precision optics, scopecoat covers are products for you. A Scopecoat brand cover is made from a superior grade, flexible neoprene in various thicknesses. It is then laminated with a nylon coating. Scopecoat products work for military and tactical optics. They benefit law enforcement and sports applications. All types of optics need coverage, and Scopecoat covers are trusted accessories for many shooters. The Scopecoats work with the optics designed by major suppliers, such as EOTech. These optics covers also fit the advanced optical combat gun sights from makers like Trijicon. Scopecoat supplies high quality coverage for gun owners who want to protect their optics.