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Surefire SOCOM300-SPS Suppressor - 7.62mm

Surefire SOCOM300-SPS Suppressor - 7.62mm

The Surefire SOCOM300-SPS Fast-Attach suppressor boasts the ultimate sound suppression of any .30 caliber suppressor ever built. Due to its expertly designed baffles, the SOCOM300-SPS is able to achieve class-leading suppression with 300 Black Out—subsonic and supersonic—as well as .308 and 300 Win Mag ammunition. This versatile suppressor is also very effective in suppressing the 5.56 mm round.

The lightweight SOCOM300 SPS is constructed of Inconel, an advanced high-temperature alloy, and stainless steel—and adds minimal length and weight to your weapon. Securely mounts to a SureFire muzzle brake or flash hider via the patented Fast-Attach design which attaches and removes in seconds.

Sound Data Averages:

  • 120dB - .300 Blackout subsonic
  • 129dB - 7.62x51
  • 134dB - 5.56
  • 137dB - .300 WM

  • -Length: 8.0 inches

    -Weight: 20.3 ounces

    -Diameter: 1.5 inches


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    Sig Sauer SRD22X Titanium Suppressor - .22LR

    Sig Sauer SRD22X Titanium Suppressor - .22LR

    The Sig Sauer SRD22X .22LR Suppressor can be used on both pistols and rifles and features a Grade 9 Titanium outer tube with stainless steel baffles. An inner stainless steel tube enables easy disassembly and cleaning. Due to the durability of its materials, the SRD22X can be used with .22LR pistols or rifles, and pistols or rifles chambered in .17HMR/.17 Mach II and .22 Magnum. The SRD22X comes with a 1/2”x 28tpi and an available M9x.75 rear mount. Specifications are subject to change.

    -Length: 5.8 in (147 mm)

    -Weight: 5.1 oz (144 g)

    -Threads: 1/2-28 tpi


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