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Walther Magazines

Walther Magazines from the factory keep your automatic pistol shooting right. A well crafted magazine is the key to the correct functioning of your firearm. With Walther guns, the pistol design works best in conjunction with the company’s rugged factory mags. An excellent fit is ensured with magazines made to the same stringent specifications as the ones that come with the Walther pistol. There’s no guarantee an after market brand mag will deliver proper pistol functioning. Inventive German engineering is integral to these guns, and the Walther magazines also are designed according to exacting standards. So prepare your Walther with a factory magazine for optimum reliability.

Equip Your Pistol with Walther PPK Magazines for Faultless Functioning

Use Walther magazines manufactured for your specific pistol model. Order additional Walther PPK Magazines chambered in .32 caliber. These fresh from the factory magazines feature a seven-round capacity and flat metal base plate. Or buy extra PPK series gun magazines chambered in .380ACP, 9mm Kurtz. The six-round capacity magazine includes a polymer base. Walther PPK magazines are designed to function flawlessly in the particular models they support. So when your magazine is locked in, it’s got PPK power!

Walther PPS Magazines Meet Precision Factory Specifications

The Police Pistol Slim, or PPS, model harnesses power and progress into a remarkably lean profile. Get the professionally constructed Walther PPS Magazines to match your lightweight sub-compact. Make sure your magazines meet factory specs by ordering a Walther PPS accessory. Get the advantages of a quality constructed body, durable baseplate and reliable springs. From finish to follower, a factory constructed Walther PPS magazine offers range rewards like smoother chambering and longer life. Remember, Top Gun gets you on target with a broad assortment of shooting accessories, including gun mag carriers.