LWRC M6 REPR 16.1" Rifle - 7.62/.308

LWRC M6 REPR 16.1" Rifle - 7.62/.308

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UPC Code 085514800209
Color Black
Caliber .308/7.62x51
Manufacturer Part Number REPRR7B16

The LWRC REPR, Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle features the LWRC self regulating short stroke gas piston system, Folding BUIS back up iron sights, Magpul MIAD pistol grip and chambered in 7.62mm NATO. Uppers can easily be swapped for the barrel length required for the mission.

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Thomas Ahola

Feb 5, 2018

I might be at the end of my never ending search for the perfect 308 ar. Years ago, after I got out of active duty for the army, I researched 308 ar's to no end. My search ending in the choice of the lwrc repr and the pof p308. I really wanted the repr but because of the price I went with the p308. This started my bad luck with 308 ar's. Not saying that pof rifles are all this way but I feel that I got a lemon. Jammed all the time with different ammo, fte's all the time. On top of that the gun was shooting 12moa with multiple different loads. No that isn't a typo. 12in at 100yds. Like I said probably a lemon. Called POF and was rudly called me a liar and was told it was something I was doing wrong. Left a bad taste for the company and never bothered to do warranty work. Next on the 308 ar list was the smith and wesson m&p10. The rifle was very accurate and light but gun was over gased and was extracting under pressure. Possibly another lemon. Had many stuck shells in the chamber with ripped off rims. Installed an adjustable gas block, didn't really help much. Gun still kicked like a mule. Sold it. Next was the dpms g2 recon. That rifle was ok. Accuracy was decent, worked properly. Wasn't to excited about the bull barrel under the rail, and that rail...heavy and antiquated. Looked for an aftermarket barrel and rail figuring normal 308 dpms would work. Nope, proprietary barrel extension and barrel nut. Yes, there are rails out there but again i was mad and sold it. Stupid me for not researching that. Finally we get to the repr, the one I wanted from the beginning. So far so good. Only around 500 rounds through it so I can't say difinitivly that it's perfect yet but I want to say my search is over. Haven't had a chance to test it for accuracy on a bench yet but even with a rough 50m zero on the irons I have no issue hitting a c zone target at 300m standing bracing off a tree. Recoil is, in my opinion, the lightest of the previously mentioned rifles. So far 100% cycling reliability, brass doesn't look like it's being beat up. Clean up on the rifle is a simple wipe down thanks to the piston system. I'm liking the side charging handle even though I'm used to a standard charging handle. The reason i'm giving it 4 stars aren't a big deal but could be annoying to some. One gripe is reinstalling the buffer spring can be a pain. This rifle has a flat spring for the buffer and it's a tight fit. I found myself turning and treading it in, not just pushing it in like a normal ar. The other gripe I have is the weight. On my scale loaded mag with no optic it's around 10.5 lbs. I'm used to m1a's so it's not too big of a deal. The rifle is balanced well so the weight is not too noticable when you fire it. Ergonomics are great if you are used to ar's. I was a little concerned about not having kmod or mlok on the rail but I actually like the rail. Nice slim and smooth feel. Nice for thumb over bore shooting. The trigger is a mil spec trigger that has been smoothed out a bit so nothing too great there. I know it has only just been broken in but I have high expectations for this rifle. Looking forward to running it in the heavy classes in 3 gun this year. To sum the review up is don't waste your money on rifles to fill the space of the one you really want.
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