Don Hume 001 Pocket Holster, Brown - Small Revolver

Don Hume 001 Pocket Holster, Brown - Small Revolver

For the smaller pistols and revolvers, this 001 pocket holster can be used left or right handed. The design provides for stability to maintain the proper drawing position and retention. Can be used in the trouser pocket or coat pocket. Only available in Saddle Brown. Will fit the S&W 36, 37, 60, 317, Airlite, 650, 442, 638, 640, 642, Lady Smith, 649, 940, Taurus 85.


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Draw smoothly from a Smith and Wesson Holster that’s made to exceed your expectations. Our lineup of superbly crafted holsters will make sure your gun is in the proper ready position. Experience secure retention with a fine quality leather holster made specifically for the smaller S&W revolvers. Or choose a polymer Smith & Wesson holster designed for the 9mm or .40S&W. Our site is focused on gun enthusiasts and professionals, offering accessories from the gun industry’s most trusted holster makers, such as iTac Defense and Don Hume. We carry holsters that contribute to natural gun positioning and quick access draws.

Leather Smith and Wesson Gun Holster for Concealed Cary

Designed for concealed carry, a leather Smith and Wesson gun holster provides reliable retention. Gain the flexibility of right or left hand draws with a concealable leather holster that is built by craftsmen for lengthy service. The pocket gun holster for revolvers can be effectively concealed in the pants or coat. A leather Smith and Wesson gun holster that is properly finished is both great looking and easy to maintain. We carry additional accessories for S&W firearms, including best-selling Smith & Wesson magazines.

Don Hume Leather Gun Holster Supply Quality Craftsmanship

Get an impressive Don Hume leather gun holster that’s made to fit your handgun model. Don Hume crafts holsters that accommodate the smaller Smith and Wesson revolvers, as well as the Colt 1911s, and a variety of other handgun models. This highly respected firm designs leather holsters for law enforcement and civilians. The Don Hume leather handgun holster is an advantage for concealed carriers who want to feel confident in the quality of the holster they choose.